If you finish an assignment early...

Microsoft Word

  • Type up a "fake" resume.
  • Create essays, persuasive essays are better.
  • Create a journal entry.
  • Create a bibliography.
  • Write a "fake" constitution and create you own class rules.
  • Create a postcard from different countries.
  • Create a travel brochure, using pictures, famous places, and other important information.
  • Design a "Help Wanted" sign, or a "For Sale" sign
  • Interview each other, and type all of their answers, and present their new friend to the class.

Kid Pix

  • Create a 3-D drawing of their house.
  • Design a flag.


  • Create questions using an online encyclopedia, and then have other students answer the questions.


  • Take your picture in Photobooth. Create a creative story using this photo in Word or PowerPoint


  • Create an autobiography using a timeline for ten main events in your life.