Microsoft Excel - Create a Simple Graph

Microsoft Excel is a program used to create spreadsheets.
A spreadsheet is made up of columns (up and down - labeled with letters) and rows (across - labeled with numbers).
The individual boxes on a spreadsheet are called cells. (Ex. the first cell in a spreadsheet is referred to as A1.)
A new document in Excel is called a Workbook - made of 3 spreadsheets.

(Use this tutorial if you would like more information about how to use Excel: Excel Tutorial)

The goal of this activity is to enter data and create a basic graph using Microsoft Excel.
Pretend you have a bag of Skittles or M&M's.
Think of 5 colors and assign a number to each color. (Ex. red-3, blue-8, yellow-10, green-5, purple-12)
  1. Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. Save as... to your documents folder as yourname_excel.xls.
  3. Click on cell A1 and type Colors.
  4. Click on cell A2 and type Amount.
  5. Type the colors in cells A2-A6.
  6. Type the amounts in cells B2-B6.
  7. When finished, highlight all of the data.
  8. Click on Charts at the top.
  9. Choose Column or Pie Chart.
  10. Add a Chart Title.
  11. Adjust the colors in your chart to match your colors in your data table.
  12. When you are finished with one chart, create another, Column or Pie, different from the first one you created.
  13. Click View > Header and Footer. Add you name to the top left section of the Header.

Save the file & hand in the document:
  1. Click File > Save
  2. Quit Excel
  3. Click on your Documents folder > show in Finder
  4. Drag the saved file into the 2013 > Drop Box