All About Me Multimedia Presentation

  • Create an All About Me project and practice using several tools.
  • Assess word processing, presentation, and image searching skills.
  • Compile all of the elements in a PowerPoint or Keynote slide presentation.

All About Me Rubric

Slide 1. Title (Title Slide)
  • Include a title, your name, and an image of your choice (optional)

Slide 2. Acrostic Poem (Two Content)

Create an Acrostic Poem with your first name.

a. Type your First Name down the left side of the slide.
b. Edit letters and colors however you want.

Slide 3. Word Cloud or Pictograph: (Blank)
Create a pictograph of your life using Wordle or Tagxedo. Use at least 15 words that describe you and represent your life.

a. Open Text Edit. (Go > Applications or Finder > Applications > Text Edit)
b. Type a list of words that (one word per line) that describe you.
    • If you have words that you want to keep together, you should put ~ instead of a space between the words. Repeat words that are most important - up to three times. The most repeated word should be your first name. This will make your name the largest size on the paper. You also can repeat your very favorite things twice. Everything else repeat once.
    • Some other things that you could include are: List your hobbies or things you do besides homework, List 4 adjectives that your friends would use to describe you, List 4 adjectives that your family would use to describe you, List 4 adjectives that your teachers would use to describe you, List 4 adjectives that you would use to describe you.
c. Check your list for correct spelling.
d. Click File > Save As... to save your list to your Documents folder.
e. Creating word cloud: Go to Wordle or Tagxedo
f. Copy your list from TextEdit (Edit > Copy or Command + C)
g. Paste into Wordle or Tagxedo (Edit > Paste or Command + V)
h. Click Go to create the word cloud.
i. Use the Font, Layout and Color Menus to edit your word cloud.
j. Click Print (bottom of word cloud)
k. Take a screen shot of your word cloud for your presentation (Command + Shift + 4).
l. Drag the screen shot into your slide

Slide 4. Your Wild Self: Build Your Wild Self (Blank)
  • Go to Build Your Wild Self.
    • Click Start
    • When you're done, click I'm done.
    • Click Print (DO NOT Print) - Take a Screen Shot of your wild self for your slideshow. (which will save to your desktop)
    • Drag the screen shot into your slideshow

Slide 5. Quote - Famous Quotes (Title and Content)

  • Choose one favorite "Famous" quote to share from the website.
  • Copy and paste the quote into your presentation.
  • Write 2-3 sentences explaining why you chose this quote.

Slide 6. Your Goals for this Year (Slide Format: Text & Picture)
  • Think about the year ahead. Create a list of at least 3 goals for yourself this year.


Portrait Poem: Portrait Poetry

a. Choose ONE style of the eight types of portrait poetry explained and demonstrated hereto write your own portrait poem about yourself.
b. To type your poem > Open Microsoft Word
c. Type your poem
d. Save poem as yourname_portraitpoem.doc to your Documents folder.
e. Change the Font, Font Size, Color, add Word Art if you would like.
f. Copy and Paste into your slideshow.

Comic Strip: Create a 3 pane (or more) comic strip about an important event in your life.
  • Use an online Comic Strip creator or Comic Life (Applications > Comic Life

How to Take a Screen Shot on the Mac
  1. Click Command + Shift + 4
  2. Use the crosshair (looks like a plus sign) to select what you want to take a picture of on your screen
  3. Click and Drag the selection
  4. Let go
  5. The area you selected is now saved to your desktop
  6. You can rename and use this like any other image