Introduction to Advertising: a Mini-WebQuest


  • Take the following quiz to see what you know about advertising and your generation.

  • The average teenager spends about 6 3/4 hours a day using media --38+ hours/week . That's TV and movie time, magazines, newspapers, playing video games and using the computer
  • The average child sees approximately 20,000 commercials/year. About 57% of viewers surveyed in 1996 enjoy commercials as much as television programs. Advertisers spend over $40 billion each year on television commercials.
  • Teenagers spent $141billion in 1998. How much money do 4-12 year-olds spend each year on candy, soft drinks, and snacks? $2 billion. It's estimated that 78% of children influence what their parents buy.
  • By the time you are 18, you will have seen about 20,000 food commercials advertising food low in nutrition. The average woman shown in ads is 5'9'' and 110 lbs; the average American woman is 5'4' and 142 lbs.
  • 59% of Americans get their news mostly from TV although 53% of Americans think the news is often inaccurate (from Media Focus: Analyzing and Producing Mediaby McDougal Littell, 2001)


You are asked to make decisions everyday. Many of those are influenced by advertising. Do you know what advertisers are doing to get your money?
  • In this Mini-WebQuest, you will be asked to get into the minds of advertisers by evaluating advertisements.
  • You will use a variety of sources to do this.

Step 1
Take at least two of the quizzes to see how aware you are of advertising around you.

Step 2
Go to:

1. Browse the ads and choose one that interests you.
2. Copy the link for that ad and paste it into a Word document titled ""
3. Answer the following for the ad you choose in the Word document:
    • What product is being sold?
    • Do you find the product appealing? Why or why not?
    • Who is the target audience for this product? Children? Teens? Adults? The elderly?
    • What feelings or emotions is the ad trying to associate with the product? Did it work?
    • Why or why not?

4. Drop your completed document into the Drop box.


  • Congratulations students!
  • You've learned a little bit about the power of advertising and advertising's ability to influence consumers.
  • We will continue to discuss these topics over the next few weeks.